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Wednesday Week 3, Term 2

International Day of Families  

International Day of Families is an annual observance celebrated on May 15. It is organized by the United Nations and aims to raise awareness about the economic, social, and demographic issues that affect families all around the world. It highlights how important families are in the fabric of international communities and the foundation of society. 

Thanking God for Family 

We are very thankful, God, for the good times we have with our families.

Thank You for allowing us to enjoy each other’s company.

Thank You for giving us time to spend with them each day.  

Preserve our good relationships, Father, whenever we are with our beloved families.

Let peace reign in our homes and let compassion fill each of our hearts.

Teach us what it is to experience real joy and enable us to show each other what this means.  

Lord, You are our Prince of Peace and the One that guards our hearts.

May You always remind us to be peacemakers, especially within our families.

Protect us from hateful thoughts, and let us not be the reason for causing chaos in our homes.

Guide us each day as we walk through life with our families, wherever each of us may be. All these we ask in Your Name, Amen  


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