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Mass Education

Mass, the central act of worship of the Catholic Church, which culminates in celebration

of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

The Mass, known more fully as the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the central liturgical

ritual in the Catholic Church where the bread and wine are consecrated and become the

body and blood of Christ.

We have Mass to worship and to receive God’s grace, to unify with him and with other

worshipers through the sacrament of the Eucharist.

At Mass we are able to stand mystically at the foot of the cross and witness for ourselves

the same self-sacrifice of Jesus.


The Mass is a single act of worship that has four parts.

- Introductory Rites

- Liturgy of the Word

- Liturgy of the Eucharist

- Concluding Rites

Information for School Mass


Waiting to be seated outside the Church


- During this time students should be waiting quietly and respectfully.

- No hats are to be worn into the church and no drink bottles brought in.

- This is a time when teachers should be reminding students that as soon as they enter the doors of the church they are to be silent.


Entering the Church


- Students are to enter the church silently and reverently.

- To the left and the right of the doors is the Holy water. Students and teachers can dip their finger into this and then make the sign of the cross. Students are not to shove their whole hand into this water, be respectful.

- Teachers will be sent an email with the seating plan of the church the day before the Mass, please read this before attending.

- Students are to move silently to the pew that they are directed to (either by their teacher or another teacher).

- When entering the pew some people kneel on one knee and make the sign of the cross (genuflect). 

- Teachers please sit amongst your Pastoral Care class. Teachers that do not have a Pastoral Care class have been allocated a class to sit with during whole school events.

- Once you have been seated this is now a time for silent reflection or prayer. Some people kneel at this time and pray. Whilst waiting for everyone to be seated you are to be silent as some people are praying.


During the Mass


- Once the settling song has finished you will be asked to stand for the opening hymn and entrance of the priests.

- At the beginning of the mass we all pray the sign of the cross. At prayer time, the ‘sign of the cross’ is prayed as a traditional way of preparing oneself for prayer. It is also prayed at the end of prayer time to signify its conclusion.

                                                                          These actions are made with your right hand, whilst saying                                                                                          “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy                                                                                          Spirit. Amen”


                                                                          The sign of the cross represents the Holy Trinity and is an                                                                                             indication that you are preparing yourself to welcome God                                                                                         into your heart and mind for prayer.

- Throughout the mass you will be asked to stand, sit and kneel. There is no need to sigh or talk during this time. If you are following the PowerPoint on the big screen it will tell you when to stand, sit and kneel.

- The responses will be displayed on the screen throughout the mass, please join in.

- When asked to give each other the ‘sign of peace’ this is not a time for general chatter or talk. This is a time to turn to the person either side of you and say “Peace be with you”. You do not need to yell this across to another pew. For a general rule turn to the people either side of you (x2 people).




- This is the most SACRED time of the mass.

- This is a time for silent reflection.

- If you have received your First Holy Communion then you come up to receive the host. The response when the priest or special minister holds up the host and says “body of Christ” is Amen.

- If you have NOT received your Holy Communion then you walk up with your arms crossed against your chest to receive a blessing.

- This is NOT a time to talk.

- Teachers please remind students that it is silence during this time.

- After communion is a time for prayer or silent reflection.


Readers or Helpers


- If you are asked to read or carry something up to the alter during a mass then you will need to check the bulletin for when there is a mass practice.

- Teachers please always display the bulletin or read the bulletin in the morning.

- Students are to always walk up to the center of the alter and bow before walking on the alter.

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