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Tuesday Week 7, Term 1

Updated: Mar 12

The Feast of St Joseph

Next Tuesday 19th March is a very special occasion for our school, the Feast Day of St Joseph.

St Joseph was Jesus' father here on earth, and cared for him and Mary.

Over the coming days we will learn a lot about St Joseph and his special qualities, and why he is so important to our school.

St Joseph's Day Mass - Monday Week 8

One of the ways we will celebrate this special Feast Day, is by participating in Mass on Monday 18th March.

What is Mass?

Mass is a very special time, when Jesus is present with us.

Jesus is present in the form of the Word (the readings from the Bible), when the bread and wine is changed into the Body and Blood of Christ (Eucharist), through the Priest and through us, the community, which has gathered together.

We pray through words, actions, gestures and songs.

When we join in the responses, sit, stand and kneel, sing the songs, it is a form of prayer and communication with Jesus.

Mass is a time to listen and respond to God's word.

During the Liturgy of the Word part of the Mass, we listen to the Word of God in the readings and the Gospel, and then respond in prayer to each.

Mass is an opportunity for us to join together as a community who pray and celebrate together.

It is a chance to share our faith in Jesus and we can grow and develop that faith.

We are also nourished by God's gifts when we participate in Eucharist, and receive the Body and Blood of Christ.

The Mass also challenges us to go out and live as Jesus would.

At the end of Mass we are called to go out into the world and take our beliefs in Jesus and our knowledge of His life out into our own lives, and to live a truly Christian life.

As a school community that is preparing for Mass next week, take the time to think about what nourishes us, and how we can show God's love for us to others.

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