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Thursday Week 10, Term 2

Vinnies Winter Appeal

Vinnies, a non-profit charity grounded in Catholic social teaching, is dedicated to assisting those experiencing homelessness and combating social injustice. Advocating for marginalised and disadvantaged individuals, as well as those at risk of facing adversity.

Vinnies provide support to anyone in need, without judgment or prejudice, and without discrimination based on cultural, religious, political, gender, or gender identity beliefs.

Vinnies work embodies the core mission of the St Vincent de Paul reflecting compassion, empathy, and a commitment to uplifting the vulnerable.


During the last week of school, the Year 12’s are partaking in the Vinnies Sleepout to raise money and awareness of homeless people around Australia. All proceeds raised for this appeal will be dedicated to St Vinnies for the intention of supporting homeless people through goods and services such as donated blankets and non-perishable items, as well as warm meals provided by Fred’s Van every Sunday.




Dear Lord,

As people sit warm in their houses, there are people who sit in the cold streets

As these people are without the creature comforts of a home, please bring them into your warm heart and watch over them while they sleep.

Give them hope and guide them to the helping hands of people who can comfort and support them through their time as Vinnies can, just as God can.


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