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Secondary: Tuesday Week 8, Term 1

Happy St Joseph's Day

Today is the Feast Day of St Joseph, when we celebrate the special qualities of a man who always put the needs of others before his own.

St Joseph built his relationships with others on goodness. He looked for the goodness in all he saw around him. We pray through St Joseph our school Patron Saint for guidance and support:


1.      St Joseph was a good man who always did his best. We pray that we can show our own goodness by doing our best in everything we do. Lord Hear Us.


2.      St Joseph trusted in God. We pray that we are able to put our trust in God and to allow ourselves to be open to whatever God asks of us. Lord Hear Us.


3.      St Joseph was a man who sought justice for all. We pray that we find courage to speak up and take action when we see something that is not right. Lord Hear Us.


4.      St Joseph showed patience towards those around him. We pray that we can be more patient during times that we find difficult or frustrating. Lord Hear Us.


5.      St Joseph was an honest man. We pray that we always strive to be honest in what we say and do.  Lord Hear Us.

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